Dates Role
2018 - Present Graduate Coordinator, Data Science Program
2016 - 2021 CSAB, Academic Co-Chair, Chair of Standing Committee on Networking & Collaboration
2015 - 2021 Graduate Coordinator, Dept. of Computer Science (Course Release)
2015 - Present Course Coordinator for CS 3060, CS 3140, and CS 4400
2014 - 2016 Director, Agile Software Factory (Course Release)
2014 - 2016 Member of Computer Science Advisory Board
Chair of Standing Committee on Resources and Development
2014 - 2016 Course Coordinator for CS 3540
2014 Member, Graduate Committee
2014 Talk: "Technical Presentation Tips" at Graduate Student Orientation
2013 - 2014 Member, Tenure, Promotion, and Review Sub-Committee
2013 - 2014 Member, Facilities Committee
2013 - 2016 Member, Assessment Sub-Committee


Dates Role
2015-2021 Member, Graduate Council
(2015) Committee on Graduate Student Issues
(2016 - 2021) Chair of SubCommittee on Graduate Curriculum Review
2015 Co-Chair, Midstates Conference for Undergraduate Research in Computer Science and Mathematics
2014 Computing and Information Technologies (CIT) Task ForceComputing and Information Technologies (CIT) Task Force
2013-2014 Advisory Member, ITS FACES Project

Expert Opinion

Dates Role
Dates Role
2016 Program Committee, International Symposium on Advances in Applied Informatics
2016 Program Committee, Fourth International Symposium on Intelligent Informatics
2016 Program Committee Member, International Conference on Sustainable Energy Information Technology
2015 Program Committee, 6th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Information Technology
2014 - Present Program Committee Member, International Symposium on BIG Data and Cloud Computing Challenges
2013 OSC Grant Reviewer
2013 Advisory Committee, 1st International Workshop on Cloud Computing and Cloud Applications
2013 Technical Program Committee, IEEE 11th Annual Consumer Communications and Networking Conference, Special Session on Big Data, Security, and Privacy
2013 Panelist, 2013 Midwest Consortium for Computing Sciences in College
2011 - Present Occasional journal manuscript referee for: IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems & Rehabilitation Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, IEEE Systems Journal, Applied Sciences, Applied Soft Computing, British Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science, Energy and Buildings, International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems
2011 - Present Occasional conference manuscript referee for: IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, International Conf. on Parallel Proc. and Applied Mathematics, IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence
2011 - Present Occasional book reviewer for Manning Publications