If you would like to work with me, I expect the following:
  • For a thesis, you MUST contact me at least 3 semesters before graduation.
  • All code will be version controlled using Git and Gitlab.
  • All papers will be written using Latex and stored on Overleaf, Gitlab, or both.
  • Weekly meetings are a must.

Thesis Students

Name Thesis
John Bartocci [Online]Generating a Synthetic Dataset for Kidney Transplantation using Generative Adversarial Networks and Categorical Logit Encoding
Nolan Gormley [Online]Knotilus: A Differentiable Piecewise Linear Regression Framework
Morgan Mastrocinque [Online] Epitope-based Re-matching of Donor-Recipient Pairs for Kidney Graft Allocation
Khalid R. Alasmari [Online] Novel methods for Reduced Energy and Time Consumption for Mobile Devices using Markov Decision Process
Blade Frisch [Online] A User Experience Evaluation of AAC Software
Justin Kleinknecht [Online] Machine Learning and Computational Methods for Evaluating Kidney Graft Allocation
Asanga Ramanayake [Online] Data Engineering and Failure Prediction for Hard Drive S.M.A.R.T. Data
Jeremy Storer [Online] Computational Intelligence and Data Mining Techniques Using the Fire Data Set

Project Students

Name Project
Srishti Shastri GANN-based Data Augmentation for Non Image Data
Binish Koirola ShellShots
Avisha Lad Computer Science Internship Database (CSIDB)
Nathan Light Improving the Performance of Data Preparation for Optimal Kidney Donations
Aditya Pokuri Intelligent Hard Drive Failure Rate Prediction
Rajha Al-Ghamdi Impacts of Oversubscription on the Reliability of Cloud Computing Systems
Sasank Daggabuti Impact of Initial Probe Distribution on Central Force Optimization
Supraja Lankireddy Developing a GUI with Node.js for Power System Reliability Software
Abhinay Patthi Migrating a Java-based Play Framework Application from version 2.2 to 2.6: Can it be Done?
Sagar Sharma Stream Mining the Forest cover Type Dataset with Rains
Le Yang Using Deep Neural Network to Replace Kosmoliaptsis Algorithm for Immunogenicity Calculation
Sara Yarshenas Kidney Transplant Data Analysis
Manal Zakri Impact of Virtual Machine Allocation on the Reliability of Cloud Computing System
Rahul Gupta Support Vector methods and Forest Fire Data
Ramin Khakzad Real-time Analysis IN Spark
Goutham Kunduru Search-based Software Testing using Central Force Optimization
Pranith Pola Reproducing Direct Fingerprint Minutiae Extraction Approach Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
Nick Rodgers Central Force Optimization: Enhancing Performance & Design
Seyedhamid Shekaforoush Classifying Commit Messages: A Case Study in Resampling Techniques
Sujitha Uppalapati Is there a data-driven trend towards a Unified Coding Standard?
Thomas Charest Benchmarking Studies in Parallel Computing
Rithish Danasekaran Implementation of Population-based Metaheuristic Algorithms in an Android Application
Siddarth Ravikumar combox
Purvi Agrawal BGSU Faculty Office Hours Web Application
Vishaka Agrawal Exploring Parallel Models of Computation for Composite Power System Reliability
Scott Arnold GSO Registration Application
Matthew Bick Central Force Optimization - Analysis Of Data Structures & Multiplicity Factor
Deepanshu Kher Oversubscription Simulation Studies using GreenCloud
Mounika Markala MapReduce Monte Carlo Simulation for Evaluating Composite Power System Reliability
Shruthi Rajoli BGSU Memorial Tree Application
Gwendolyn Wahl GSO Registration Application
Congyingzhi Zhang Evaluation of a Cloud Computing System Allowing Partial Failures
Scott Arnold GSO Registration Application
Rachel Householder Impacts of Multi-Class Oversubscription on Revenues and Performance in the Cloud
Aswin Mathew A Benchmarking Study of NoSQL Databases using YCSB
Amrutha Mutyala Simulation-based Insights into Time-shared Oversubscription in Cloud Computing
Brett Snyder Tools and Techniques for Evaluating the Reliability of Cloud Computing Systems
Wesley Vollmar Combo-Box
Anu Mutyala Insights into Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning Systems